The Wedge

Double Your Personal Income

Even If

You Hate Making Cold Calls

You're Uncomfortable Asking For Referrals

You Don't Like Asking For The Order.

Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee

money-backIf after attending all three workshops you are not thoroughly convinced that this event was worth every single penny of the tuition you paid and the time you invested, just hand in your materials and say "this wasn't what I expected" before you leave and I will refund 100% of your money – no hassles!

In Just 2 1/2 Days, You’ll Get:

    • The Proven, Ready-To-Use, Specific, Revenue-Boosting Strategies To BECOME a Million Dollar Producer. No other conference or event in the Insurance industry delivers as much usable, tested and proven strategies, examples and tools for doubling your income THAT ARE SPECIFIC TO INSURANCE. When you leave, you’ll have clear actionable steps that you can take home and instantly apply to generate results fast.
    • The Blueprint That Clearly Shows You The Strategy To Increase Your Closing Ratio by 30-50%. You'll learn the strategy and get a simple paint-by-numbers process that you can use over and over again to uncover the prospect's pain and have them ready to fire the incumbent and hire you.
    • Access to Lucrative Accounts That You Thought Were Inaccessible. With the new distinction of "Introductions" instead of referrals and with the very specific process that Randy lays out, you'll quickly fill your pipeline with high-value prospects that will allow you to meet or exceed your goals much more quickly.
    • The Direction-Changing Experience. People RAVE about the experience they have when attending this event. They leave equipped, confident and raring to get to sales calls. You will leave feeling highly inspired. In fact, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to leave this event without feeling a fresh new excitement about your business and confidence in yourself to hit your biggest goals.
    • The Tangible Return On Your Investment GUARANTEED. Every year we make the same guarantee: At the end of the conference, if you don’t feel absolutely certain that the content, and take-aways were worth the time and money invested to attend and that you can use it to generate a massive return on your investment, we’ll refund every penny you paid. Who else makes that kind of guarantee on their event?


Do you really think sitting at home and missing this event is the right thing to do?

You're nuts (sorry, no sugar coating the truth). With the proven successes, raving testimonials, the proven track record of delivering INCREDIBLE, usable strategies AND the guarantee, there's absolutely no logical, intelligent reason to miss this event.

This is the Absolute Best Way to End 2014

This is a unique experience unlike any other Insurance industry seminars, trade shows or events you may have attended for a number of reasons. Let me highlight the ones that are most important to you: First of all, this training seminar is entirely focused on one thing: doubling your personal income. Your situation may be entirely different than mine.  One of the "hardest" days of my life was when I met with a financial planner and found out the bloody truth.  He told me that to put my four daughters through college, pay for their weddings and fund my own retirement, I had to save $65,000 a year for over 20 years.  I was floored, shaken and a bit wobbly for more than a few days.  But, like anyone that knows the truth of the situation you build a plan and go for it. Since then, I've dedicated my sales training practice to more than teaching people how to sell.  I'm committed to helping you Double Your Personal Income.  You might ask why?  Well, having met with 1,000's of producers it just became apparent that they are doing well, making good money...but spending most of it on lifestyle.  No one wants to give that up and I don't blame them.  But there are problems that you run into. For example expenses keep going up, the economy is unreliable and buyers are weird and cautious.  So for me, the need was clear. When you double your personal income, you are immune to the sporadic nature of buyers, of the market and expenses. But how do you do that, especially when you have so many accounts to manage, you hate making cold calls and when quoting accounts take so much time?   And unfortunately for all of us, there is no one out there providing handouts unless your on some government program. So the need is huge and the question for many was, "how can I do that when I have so many accounts to manage, I hate making cold calls and quoting accounts take so much time?"        
      • It is NOT a sit in the back of the room and take notes event – This event is not a professor/student lecture hall-type environment.
      • It is NOT about being a better technician, giving you more certifications.
      • It IS about being an active participant in a unique and extremely productive environment. This event is done as a round table and you'll be participating. When you leave this event, you'll KNOW the processes because you'll have done them yourself.
      • It IS about putting in place well-thought-out plans for energizing your revenue generating machine and about equipping you with a sales strategies and tactics that are founded in real-world, proven strategies that work – not opinions, theories or hype.
      • It IS about providing you with the an opportunity to see, exactly how your peers are breaking through their current income limitations to achieve phenomenal new levels of growth and income.
      • It is also about you getting to spend 3 full days with and get personally trained by Randy Schwantz, the most effective growth coach in the Insurance Industry.