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How To Get Your Competition Fired, Fill Your Pipeline With Perfect Prospects and, DOUBLE YOUR PERSONAL INCOME.


I'm Going To Show You A Process That Doubles Your Personal Income and Give You Some Reasons Why You Might Need To.

The most successful producers know how to double their income. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a new producer, I'm going to show you why this process will make a difference for you and why you need it. When you master this process, you will have your own highly effective unfair advantage! And once you have that, you can use it over and over again, just like turning a crank, to start closing more and bigger accounts. There's no doubt that 80 hour work weeks and lots of cold calling, networking and referral hunting will produce results. But is that how you want to spend your time? If you love doing that, more power to you. But I'd rather leave that to the fanatics. Especially when I can achieve the same results with not nearly the effort. Mind you I'm not saying that the methodology I'm talking about is easy. It's not. But nor is it beyond you. This is absolutely "do-able" and, when all is said and done, will take you no more time than you already spend. When you follow the process, you'll end up with elite results. You have big obligations called children and you're responsible for their sports activities, for their cars, for their university tuition, their weddings and several other expenses along the way. You might even want to retire some day. It makes sense that you need to save a lot of money, probably a lot more than you're saving right now. How can you do that? I encourage you to take an honest look at how you spend your time now. Think for a minute about how effective that is. How much money does that time produce? No doubt, some of it is high income producing. Some not. Now consider how much of that time is high-leverage. What I mean by that is that the time you spend will result in the ability to produce high income not only for the time you are spending immediately but also beyond. A good example of that is training. If you learn a new technique and that technique you can use over and over again to produce high income, then that is a high leverage activity. What if you started spending a lot more time on high-leverage, and high-income activities? It follows that you're income would rise, doesn't it? What if, as a result of spending time ONLY on high-income activities, you were able to produce DOUBLE the income that you are today, spending the same or EVEN LESS time than you do right now. RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW

In 2 and 1/2 days, I'm going to show you how to Double Your Personal Income and you're going to do it with half of the accounts that you manage right now.

How? You're going to accomplish this by writing bigger accounts You're going to eliminate the small accounts that waste time and make no money and that will free up your time for high-income activities. You're going to become a master at Busting incumbent relationships and when you do, you'll close far more accounts. Austen Lillies from Rogers Insurance had this to say:

"Before I attended the Breaking The Sales Barrier workshop I had a $300,000 book of business. In 3 short years, I increased it to 1.3 Million. Talk about a complete life changer!"

And Tim Allen from Henderson Brothers said this:

"...I literally doubled my income in three years. My book of business went from $30,000 at the end of year 2, to 280,000 in year 3. My average account size went up to $30,000 when it was $5,000 and my closing ratio is 25%."

Consider that there are two problems that we face when selling insurance. Problem #1: "There is an incumbent and they want to keep their money. And they have the relationship and they get last look." Problem #2: "Most agencies are still selling Price/coverage and relationship. And when they say they provide service, what they really meant is that they will answer questions about your coverage, they will get out certificates, they will help you with reporting claims and they will happily renew your insurance." These two problems and the state of the insurance industry have us conditioned. Given that the overall renewal rate is upwards of 92%, the chances that the incumbent will keep their clients is very high. So what do we do. We go in and look for coverage gaps and then see if we can beat them on price. Then put our best proposal forward only to have the incumbent get last look and match our price or come close enough. And then we're not surprised. "That's the way it works." I want to tell you right now that that is pure conditioning. It's not the way it works. It's the way we've let it work. The solution to problem #2 is actually the solution to problem #1 as well. If you are not sufficiently differentiating yourself from the incumbent, then why indeed would the prospect choose you over what they already know. And this solution is one of the things that you'll master in the 2 and 1/2 days. It's all about getting clear on why the prospect needs you...what you bring that the incumbent doesn't. The concept is simple and you should know that there is a well-defined process for it that I won't go into here. But after the workshop, you'll be a master like Bill Bray from Wells Fargo Insurance Services:

"...I sold 16 deals resulting in $270,000 in new business production. My book is almost at $500,000 and my goal next year is $400,000 in new business. I’ll be knocking on the door of the “Million-Dollar Book” by year-end next year."

And like Jim Roskopf from First Tex Insurance:

"...I have been in the business for only 4 ½ years and have been very consistent. I have been my agency’s lead producer in each of the years I have been in the agency. My revenue totals have been: 127k, 99k, 161k, and 205k. That being said, within a week of leaving the seminar I had just under $100k in committed AOR’s plus a new bonding client. The Wedge just makes it much easier to obtain the business."

After the 2 1/2 days, you'll have a brand new lead source that will instantly provide you with twice as much potential revenue than your entire existing book. We'll do this in three steps:
  1. We're going to help you build a database of perfect prospects.
  2. We're going to change your mental attitude so that you are clear that you DESERVE these prospects as clients.
  3. We're going to show you exactly how you can reach them, how you can get introduced to them, and how to have them roll out the red carpet for you and be eager to meet and talk with you.
Do you agree that it's logical that if you spent your time going after a database of prospects that is worth double your current book, that that might be a high-income activity? Certainly it outranks cold calling, wouldn't you say? Let me give you some details about what you're going to get in these 2 1/2 days. The workshop is called Breaking the Sales Barrier... because that's exactly what you're going to do. You're going to break through an artificial barrier that's been holding you back from getting the kind of revenue that you deserve. Here's what you are going to master at the workshop
  • You'll Master The Proven, Ready-To-Use, Specific, Revenue-Boosting Strategies To BECOME a Million Dollar Producer. No other conference or event in the Insurance industry delivers as much usable, tested and proven strategies, examples and tools for doubling your income THAT ARE SPECIFIC TO INSURANCE. When you leave, you’ll have clear actionable steps that you can take home and instantly apply to generate results fast.
  • You'll Master The Process That Increases Your Closing Ratio by 30-50%. You'll learn the strategy and get a simple paint-by-numbers approach that you can use over and over again to uncover the prospect's pain and have them ready to fire the incumbent and hire you.
  • You'll Master Red Hot Introductions. You'll Build a Database and Quickly Fill Your Pipeline with Perfect Prospects. You'll master how to get introduced to these prospects and have them eager to meet and talk with you.
  • This is not a lecture. This is not a seminar. When I say you will master this stuff, that's what indeed will happen. You'll be practicing and role playing along the way so that the techniques are not just something to "refer to". These are techniques that you will "have down".
You should know that this is the same methodology that I have delivered to the top insurance agencies in the world. These agencies pay over $15,000 for this and they pay that over and over again because they get the return on the investment so they have no problem justifying it. Of course, you don't have to pay 15K. You don't have to pay 5K. You get the Breaking the Sales Barrier workshop for $1895. But I promise you it's worth all of 15K. Here's a simple ROI calculation. We assert that if you apply what you learned, you can double your personal income in 3-4 years. Let's say that you've got a 300K book right now. Conservatively, that means you're bringing in around $100K. Again, conservatively, that means that in four years, you'll have a book of 600K and be bringing home around $200K, an increase of $100K PER YEAR. So in the fourth year alone, the ROI is 5177%. The dates of the next workshop are November 4-6. The workshop takes place in Plano, TX. To get yourself registered and start the process to doubling your income, and more importantly to start putting more money away, click on the button below. That will take you to a page where you can enter your contact information and your payment information. Have questions that I didn't answer? Give us a call at 214-446-3209 and we'll get you squared away. I look forward to seeing you November 4 – 6, 2014!

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